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Driveways and Patios installed by Trojan

As part of the Trojan services, we have a team of Driveway and Patio Specialists, who are on hand 24/7 and are basically a one-stop shop for all your paving and tarmac requirements; from driveway design to construction, our driveway pavers work to the highest standards. If you just want to revamp your current driveway or patio, we also offer driveway resurfacing and restoration as well as patio cleaning services. We only use top quality products, have over 35 years of professional experience and provide that all-important personal touch for your home or commercial property.

Whether you choose: sandstone, granite, limestone, slate, or concrete, brick paving, stone, asphalt, or tarmac – we offer all designs, from modern simple lines to traditional and patterned, achieving your individual style.

We provide a wide range of different services when it comes to your driveway and patio:

  • Driveway construction
  • Restoration
  • Professional driveway cleaning and sealing
  • Bringing your tired driveways and patios back to life, with driveway repairs or restoration
  • Extending your existing access
  • Providing fencing and gates

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